5 timeless CEO lessons

5 Timeless CEO Lessons from David Yoffie

Very few people can say they have had the chance to work with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Andy Grove, three of the greatest strategists of modern times.  Individuals whose leadership contributed to building companies that have not only re-shaped …

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Lincoln speaking at ACETECH in September

Visualizing the Importance of Customer Success

By Lincoln Murphy, Author of “Customer Success” Today, many executives still focus their company’s time, energy, money, and prominent resources primarily on the initial sale, as if that’s all that matters. However what we found is that this maniacal focus …

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You Only Get Paid When Your Customers Succeed

By Lincoln Murphy, Author of “Customer Success” What would you do differently if you only got paid if a customer succeeds? Over the years I’ve seen business coaches, gurus, and experts ask different versions of this question, always in the …

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