Topgrading: An In-Depth Look at the Interview Process

Topgrading is the world’s leading practice of creating the highest quality workforce. It ensures that talent acquisition and management processes focus on identifying, hiring, promoting, and retaining high performers in the organization at every salary level. The Interview This workshop …

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Multi Level Marketing

A System for Hiring Top Performers

By Shannon Susko The human system that my organization created was based on our Core Ideologies and Topgrading. Geoff Smart, the author of the book Topgrading created this system, which outlines a very specific interview process. It takes practice to …

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Create a Rhythm for Success

I was recently the keynote speaker at a luncheon hosted by a software company. After I was introduced, I got up in front of this roomful of people and started clapping. I didn’t say anything; I just clapped. Pretty soon, …

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