CEO Roundtables

Your personal, confidential advisory group.

Every ACETECH member benefits from their own trusted and exclusive peer group of experienced CEOs. What makes the CEO Roundtables so powerful is your group’s shared commitment to profitable growth and a desire to help other CEOs grow and succeed. It is an incredible opportunity to leverage the combined experience of your group to help you be a better leader and make better decisions, faster.

The ACETECH leadership team will help you join a CEO Roundtable that is the best fit for you and your businesses. We emphasize confidentiality, personal responsibility and accountability to your team. You can count on your peer team to listen, speak from personal experience, and help you find solutions to some of your toughest questions and challenges.

Held monthly, these member-led, moderator-trained sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of your group.



  • Timely advice and brutally honest feedback on your critical issues
  • Authentic and long lasting relationships
  • Enhanced accountability; peers helping you establish and maintain a rhythm for your leadership and a disciplined method of operating
  • Unbiased feedback on your strategy from a personal board of advisors
  • Leadership skills to create a high performance culture
  • Lowered stress and new approaches for achieving better life balance
  • More time to work on your business, not just in your business


How it works

  • 8 to 10 CEOs members
  • Moderator-trained members chair the meetings
  • Monthly meetings, for approximately 3 hours over dinner
  • Strict confidentiality
  • The focus is on those 10% conversations you can’t have anywhere else


Added Benefits

Your peer group will provide brutally honest feedback and share insights at monthly CEO Roundtable meetings but you’ll also benefit from learning the same tools and methods with the Growth Strategy Program. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge your thinking, build your vision, and celebrate success with your peer group at our annual Whistler Summit. Throughout our programs and events, you will benefit from the consistency and support of your peer group as you work to enhance your leadership and drive profitable growth for your organization.