By CEOs exclusively for CEOs

ACETECH is exclusively for CEOs and Presidents of innovating companies with technology. Pure distributors, resellers, professional services firms, consultants and outsourcing firms are not eligible to attend ACETECH events and programs except as sponsors.

To be eligible for membership, the company must have a minimum of 10 employees and/or $1 Million in annual revenue. CEOs of technology companies who do not meet these criteria are welcome to participate in ACETECH events and programs with the exception of the CEO Roundtable program.

If you feel that you should be eligible to attend our events, but our description does not accurately reflect your situation, please contact us

Code of Conduct

There is a strict “no selling” policy at ACETECH that CEOs value. Attendees that blatantly try to sell products or services will be asked to leave and will not be eligible to attend further events. CEOs may anonymously voice their concerns about an attendee that does not respect this code of conduct.

There is a culture of brutal honesty at ACETECH and a frankness and openness that you won’t find at other forums. In order to get the most value out of your ACETECH experience you need to be able to speak freely in an environment of trust. We ask that you respect the confidentiality of the experiences that are shared among your peers.

It is hard to describe the changes in our company. I personally am the most optimistic and energized since the day the company was founded. When I meet friends and business associates they just have to ask what happened to me. The confidence and skills I learned from both of you during the last year are going a long way to changing how this business works. Thanks again. Doug Forst President | CMC Industrial Electronics

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