Team Training

Bring Clarity, Alignment, and Accountability!

Involving your key people in the Growth Strategy Program is the best way to get internal buy-in and bring the clarity, alignment, and accountability you need to implement successfully and accelerate your company’s growth. Make your executive team part of the process.

ACETECH members may purchase a Premium package to involve their executive team:

Premium Membership Package

Bring up to 3 members of your team to all Growth Strategy Program sessions this year including:

  • Mastering the One-Page Strategic Plan (October 6)
  • Overcoming Dysfunction to Create a High Performance Team (November 18)
  • The Simple Numbers You “Need” from the Data You Have (January 19)
  • Topgrading: An In-Depth Look at the Interview Process (May 17)

Premium Membership upgrade: $1900 in addition to regular membership fees*


Growth Strategy Program “a la carte”

Members may opt to bring team members to specific sessions. ACETECH will provide a private table for teams of 6 or more.

Individual sessions: $295 per participant for full day session / $195 per participant for half day session**

**Team training is available exclusively for members.

The Growth Strategy Program has really helped us achieve a culture shift inside Rewardstream. We’ve been able to change the paradigm from being a product centric culture to more of a sales driven atmosphere inside the company. It’s allowed us to realize that attaining a 2 times revenue within 12 months is not only attainable but it’s our goal and we are actually living that day to day, week to week, and in our management planning sessions. Peter Oxley, Past- CEO, RewardStream

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