Growth Strategy Program

It’s so foundational, you can’t grow without it.

Our Growth Strategy Program (GSP) was developed by ACETECH CEOS for CEOs in collaboration with Shannon Susko, successful tech entrepreneur, author of The Metronome Effect, and ACETECH Growth Architect.

The GSP integrates the best strategic thinking of our time with practical tools and proven methods into a framework that helps you build a strong foundation for profitable growth by focusing on four key areas: Strategy, People, Cash, and Execution.

Members have access to two key program components: Growth Essentials, which is learning modules delivered by Shannon Susko; and Growth Accelerators, which is workshops delivered by the industry’s best. The GSP is always evolving as we constantly seek out the best and brightest people and practices to help our members learn and grow.

Members also have the recommended option of team training, which provides the opportunity for powerful engagement and building an even stronger foundation for growth.


Practical Tools

Simple. Systematic. Results.

We’ve read, learned and listened to the best strategic minds of our time.

We’ve tried and tested various approaches in our own companies and we’ve learned what works–simple yet powerful tools like One Page Plans, Environment Maps and more. The Growth Strategy Program will help you focus on critical strategic issues and tackle your biggest challenges in a systematic way.

Proven Methods

This is where the magic happens.

First you establish a rhythm–the right pattern of critical activities for yourself and your business; then you set the beat–the right timing and frequency of those activities. It’s a disciplined system and method of operating that provides clarity, alignment and precise execution of the plan. And, as Shannon Susko will tell you, “the rhythm will set you free….”

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit –Aristotle

Team Training

Clarity. Alignment. Accountability.

Members also have the recommended option of working through the Growth Strategy Program with their teams to achieve even stronger results and the highest level of clarity, alignment and accountability. It has the added benefit of unlocking the collaborative mind of your team members so you can leverage your shared passion and wisdom–rather than relying on just your own knowledge–to grow.

The key benefit is engaging and unlocking the collaborative mind of your team

Powerful Impact

Find your rhythm, reap the rewards

  • Feel empowered with new tools and systems
  • Lead with more clarity and confidence
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Create more time to focus on your business
  • Manage your cash so you can grow
  • Keep your team focused, accountable and engaged
  • Gain the confidence that you’re doing the right things right
  • Reduce your risk, reduce your stress



Simple. Systematic. Results

Our Growth Strategy Program (GSP) provides a framework that includes practical tools and proven methods to help you transform your leadership and enhance the performance of your organization.

Growth Essentials

Members build a foundation for profitable growth during [four] learning modules delivered regularly by Shannon Susko. Within each module, Shannon guides you through a step-by-step process using practical tools and proven methods to build a foundation for profitable growth by focusing on four key areas:

  • Strategy
  • People
  • Cash and
  • Execution

Growth Accelerators

Each quarter, we bring in the industry’s best tech and strategic minds to deliver a workshop on cutting edge approaches and innovative practices to provide new ways of accelerating growth for your company. Speakers vary as we are constantly seeking the best and brightest to help our members learn and drive profitable growth.

Team Training

ACETECH members have the added option to purchase a Premium package to engage their executive team in the GSP:

Premium Membership Package

Bring up to 3 members of your team to all Growth Strategy Program sessions this year including:

  • One Page Strategic Plan
  • Customer Success
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • 3HAG – 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal

Premium Membership upgrade: $1900 in addition to regular membership fees*

Growth Strategy Program “a la carte”

Members may opt to bring team members to specific sessions. ACETECH will
provide a private table for teams of 6 or more.

Individual half day sessions: $195 per participant*
Individual full day sessions: $295 per participants*

**Team training is available exclusively for members.